Catalogue Design

We've never lost a catalogue client

Looking for a professional affordable catalog design - you are in a right place. Noya System Technology offers a full catalogue design service. We provide complete of service including concept designs, photography, and printing. We are confident that our service will meet and exceed your expectations.

Noya System Technology offers quality catalogs at a very affordable price.
Marketing materials are important tools for success. We understand the impact that well-designed marketing materials can have on your clients and on your business. We take pride in designing professional and dynamic marketing tools for any business.

The catalogue services we offer include all aspects of catalogue production, from design and layout, taking photography and print, right through to delivery.


Our expertise and skill is second to none. We are not only experts at the design and production, but we also advise on scheduling, product placement and usage. All this ensures you get the best possible results from your catalogue.

Cost effective

Our costs are amazingly lower considering the quantity and the quality of services we provide our customers. We have in the past won competence by lowring pricing up to a third lower than a competetor's design company.

Print Support

With the support of some of this country's (and indeed Europe's) leading catalogue printers we offer expert advice on print and help you achieve the best possible price and service.

Off the page advertising

For many of our catalogue clients, we produce off the page advertising. As well as our expertise in this field, we also have fantastic contacts to get our clients the best possible rates for space.

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