Windows Software Development

Designing and programming Windows software for more than 12 years, we have expert development skills in most areas of Windows software programming - from Windows API to .NET.

We propose you our services in development:
  • Applications with intensive use of Windows API, standard Windows components, DLL and services
  • API, Library and DLL Programming
  • PDA Programming
  • COM objects and Active X controls;
  • .Net Programming.
In other words, we are fluent with and prefer to use standard Microsoft technologies, services and APIs. This makes your application integrated into Windows, so it runs smoothly and natively in your environment even if you shift to another Windows platform.

This is especially important with current migration from Windows XP to Windows Vista and further.

Our philosophy

We never try to provide our customers with a cheap solution that works until new Windows release - instead of that we provide you with a robust and quality solution that has optimal lifecycle. You pay fair price, so you can expect from this investment a predictable, quality and reliable result that requires minimum support and additional services. It is worth to note that usually a customer spends more money for support than for initial software development, so this approach optimizes your expenses and reduces support share.

Thus, our principle is not to provide you with just a custom software application, but to design the best software solution for you. That is why we use the standard Windows programming interfaces and services to make software natively integrated into Windows - this gives you more reliability and flexibility at the same time.

If you are interested, we can verify the compliance of the software with the «Designed for Microsoft Windows XP» or «Works with Windows Vista or Windows 7» logo specifications. Although we follow Microsoft guidelines closely all the time, the logo compliance verification is separate service and should be discussed and ordered explicitly.

Windows platforms and technologies

We are able to design, program and test software for any Windows platform, however for now we are concentrated on modern family - Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Selection of particular development tools depends on task - we select one most suitable for particular solution. Development environments we prefer are Visual Studio 2008, however, as it's mentioned above, particular choice depends on task, so we can use previous versions of these tools as well as other languages like MS Access, and etc. Database selection (if required) depends on customer's preferences.

Contact us if you are interested in our Windows software development services.

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