Artificial Intelligence Programming Services

Having specialists in math and logic with more than 12 years experience in AI, we can propose you:
  • programming services in Artificial Intelligence
  • trainings and expert consultations on different AI subjects.

We are expertised and well experienced in C, C++, C#, C#.NET, ASM, Pascal, Delphi and various other languages used for AI programming. We are fluent with different Artificial Intelligence subjects, such as definite clause grammars (DCG), expert systems, constraint logic programming, fuzzy logic, etc.
C++, and C#, C#.Net, is our primary language for AI solutions. Being in AI programming so long we are fluent and have experience in practical use of different languages and more... Browse out portfolio to see one of our finished project called Ktulu (a chess engine). Ktulu was active during years 2003 through 2006 and got rank 5 in the worlds amongst giant chess engines all over the world.
Using our services, you can get your AI solution with the best quality in short time!

Contact us if you are interested in our services in Artificial Intelligence.

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