Hiring Graphic Designer

Hire offshore Graphic designers to reduce burden of your Graphic Design projects

Small and medium sized design firms, looking forward to expanding their businesses can best utilize our cost-effective, quality design services. You can hire our experienced Graphic designers at monthly fee for offshore graphic designing. Our dedicated Graphic Designers have the experiences in developping creative, user friendly layouts suitable for web, journals, catalogs and brochures, magazines, pdf documents and illustrations.

Reasons why you should hire our Graphic Designers...

Save on your onshore designing cost
Considering the currency difference and due to the lower cost of living in Iran, your offshore designers in Iran help save precious budget. No high infrastructural expansion costs, reduce hiring costs and pull down employee overhead expenses. Our dedicated designers offer you the same services as you would expect from an in-house staff.

Hire simply by paying an amazingly low monthly fee
You can get benefit of our services at an unbelievable low monthly fee based on the experience and expertise level of the graphic designer. No hidden charges and no huge extra costs involved.

Full Reporting
We Guarantee 8 hours work per day and 5 days a week on your projects for our dedicated graphic designers. You may also ask them for periodic reports to be submitted for better monitoring of their works and time.

Stay Connected
Get in touch over emails and online messengers for periodic updates from your graphic designers. This helps in better immediate query handling and easy access. Guaranteed timely responses from our graphics designers ensure continual communication.

Unlimited Creativity
Designers at Noya System Technology merge art with marketing and the results generated are often amazing. With a good grasp of colors, fonts, various print & layout techniques and with a good idea of usability, they design graphics for maximum impact.

Hire our highly skilled graphic designers on monthly contract today!!

Our company consists of expert teams with the right mix of experience and expertise. They are proficient in working with various graphic design programs and are totally up-to-date with the latest versions. Our graphic designers are familiar with the importance of completing projects within the committed agreed timelines.
Hire according to your requirements, that is, part time, full time or for a specific project. Choose from our pool of expert designers and get the best of the breed. Contact us or Email us your conditions and requirements to get started.

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