Software designing Portfolio

Since the inception, Noya System Technology has been presenting the customers a comprehensive suite of IT services customized according to each customer's unique demands and conditions, and effectively addressing all and every aspect of business challenges our clients face.

With primary focus on custom software and desktop application design & development, database design, development & management, PDA software development, consulting services. Noya System Technology's areas of expertise are not bounded to the aformentioned solutions - we are always open for expanding our experience in the new and challenging technology fields.

Our Portfolio presents the selected finished projects implemented successfully for our customers in different areas and industries. These and further applications are demonstrable in more details upon your request and references are readily available.

This is a small selection of our recent start-up desktop applications that we have created and the owners were so kind to allow us to put them here.

  • Raise your skills in NLP.
    Client: Iran Dabir Association
  • AskpPro. A Pump Selector software. Now in version 2.
    Client: Arya Sepehr Kayhan
  • AskLab. Laboratory Software Simulator in pump industries.
    Client: Arya Sepehr Kayhan
  • Emailer. A program for sending and recieving email with lots of custom functions.
    Client: Rashidi Pumpag Eng.Co
  • Ktulu. A chess engine for playing professional chess.
  • NLP. Teach yourself nlp.
    Client: Iran Dabir Association

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